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Inspired by our love of the Deerfield River and laid-back culture of outdoor recreation, we wanted to create a comfortable space for members of the outdoor community to unwind while surrounded by the beauty that drives their adventures.


Convenience was a key component in our planning of Foolhardy Hill. We know all too well what its like to stare at the clock all day Friday, rush home to load up the car, have a kick-ass yet exhausting weekend, only to return home on Sunday night to face the task of unpacking before a manic Monday.


Foolhardy Hill facilitates a low-key camping experience to ease your "Sunday Scaries".  We provide the basic essentials needed for staying outdoors to lighten your prep and post camping burdens.

It is our hope that our guests feel a sense of belonging while staying at Foolhardy Hill. We appreciate you visiting our website and hope you consider us for your next outdoor adventure! 


Stay Foolish,       

 Katie & Biddy

Video filmed and produced by Dave Sondrini

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